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If you’re an outdoors person and need a bit of sun protection from the harmful elements, Avenel’s safari and wide brim styles will keep you safe.  Their wider brim serves a practical purpose whilst also offering a rare combination of fashion and function.

Avenel’s men’s summer trilby hats will address any outfits shortcomings.  From deluxe braided raffia, a sophisticated woven straw or the beach classic braided paper, the trilby hat can be worn for any occasion with their classic look, snap brim, and typically pinched crown.

Our all-season sought after distressed weathered cotton collection creates the rugged outback look whilst creating a water repellent finish.  Having the look and durability of an oilskin leather, but lightweight and cooler for the outback sun. If you are looking for a hat that gives the look that it has already seen a bit of the world, look no further than rugged and robust weather cotton available in many shapes and styles.

Exploring the rugged outdoors is no problem with Avenel’s casual collection of men’s sunhats.  Canvas and mesh combined with distressed cotton will take you the distance. Bucket hats, hikers and mid brim casuals are an adventurer’s best friend when heading outdoors.

Our men’s summer collections range styles from our popular Avenel, Explore, Dot & Co. and Boutique Imports brands, which are renowned for their quality, unique styling and innovation in both colour, technique, materials, fit and style.